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7601 Conroy-Windermere Road, Suite 202 Orlando, FL 32835
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Welcome to Gilstrap and Associates, a full service, out patient counseling center built on compassion, energy, and positivity. We are a holistic practice providing a wide range of therapeutic services to individuals, families, and couples. We believe counseling is not about just solving life’s challenges but rather about helping people become happier and more successful in their lives, relationships, and careers. Our purpose is to help you find a healthy place within yourself, your relationships, your family, and your social and work environment.

The counselors at Gilstrap & Associates work from a holistic approach considering every part of what makes an individual unique including mind, body, and spiritual elements. Our team of competent and compassionate counselors is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessments. Therefore, we incorporate a variety of therapeutic techniques and services, including full service massage therapy, to increase personal well being and compliment your therapeutic goals. We also partner with premier experts in the medical and nutrition fields for referral for treatment and evaluation if necessary.

Since 1997, the counselors at Gilstrap and Associates have helped hundreds of individuals and couples improve their lives and reach their goals. Our experienced counselors are understanding and sensitive to your unique challenges, past and present. We work hard to match each client with a clinician who has been specifically trained for their area of expertise. Each counselor offers a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation to thoughtfully discuss potential clients’ needs. We feel this helps you determine if our practice can meet your needs. If you are facing depression, battling an addiction, feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, burdened with guilt or shame, devastated by trauma, struggling in your marriage, or facing parenting challenges, please call us today. We can help.

Name Email Phone
Ashley Camblin 407-522-9919
Brandon Douglass, Office Manager 407-522-9919
Brandon Gantt 407-522-9919
Brenda Stutler, IMH 407-522-9919
Brooke Maroth, SI 407-522-9919
Christy Braman, LMHC 407-522-9919
Crystal Hollenbeck, IMH 407-522-9919
DeAnn McKeever 407-522-9919
Jessica Gilstrap, LMHC 407-522-9919
Jessie Cloud, LMT 407-522-9919
Karen Robertson, SI 407-522-9919
Phil Thompson, SI 407-522-9919
Tracy Veligdan, IMH 407-522-9919

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Business Contact: Jessica Gilstrap

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