The Champion Center - Las Vegas, NV

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3900 East Bonanza Road Las Vegas, NV 89110
Phone: 702- 452-1300

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The Champion Center - Las Vegas, NV
About Us

Our vision begins with the intentional pursuit of people in various stages of spiritual need. It is our desire to become masters of customer service so guests can safely and effortlessly experience God through memorable worship experiences. Using the most innovative and contemporary modes to communicate the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, our church will grow to over 5,000 within the next five years. After God’s transformational grace enters lives at salvation, we will be devoted to the development of all people, spirit, soul, and body. Throughout this developmental process we see every person discovering and employing their God-given gifts and maturing in the spiritual disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, tithing, and church attendance. This spiritual and educational journey will be grounded in a powerful preaching ministry, and championed by a multitude of small groups, MVCS, and the Global Study Center. Mountain View Christian Schools will be instrumental in the training and development of children and staff. We see a powerful partnership developing so all Champion Center children can become MVCS students, thus growing the school to over 1500. MVCS will recruit, hire, and retain premiere educators and administrators whose influential capital will impact both the Christian and secular educational world.

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Pastor: Tom Van Kempen

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Sunday: 8:00 9:30 & 11:30 am

Wednesday: 6:30pm

Saturday Night: 6:00pm