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Wouldn't it be great if we could find someone who truly understands the Medicare process?  Someone we can trust to help us make this important decision with a FREE consultation?  Bonnie Dobbs is the Founder and Owner of Medicare and Other Red Tape, LLC in Atlanta, GA.   Just after obtaining her Insurance License, a member of Bonnie’s family developed Alzheimer’s.  While visiting him in the memory care facility, Bonnie found families were very confused about Medicare.  She chose then to specialize in Medicare and has become an eternal student dedicated to helping the aging community. This has opened opportunities to share her knowledge with thousands of people through classes, seminars, workshops and panel discussions.  Bonnie has written articles for “Ask the Expert” in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and is the Medicare expert that sits on ALL the AJC’s Aging in Atlanta panel discussions.  As brokers, Bonnie Dobbs and her team are contracted with all the major insurance carriers and are active in multiple states.

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