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2912 Little Road Arlington, TX 76016
Phone: 817-451-4110 Fax: 817-451-7918

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Lake Arlington Baptist
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As people who have come to know Jesus as Savior & Lord, we desire to know Him more fully and make Him known to our world.

Life is hard. We all have relationships, finances, and struggles that we must face on this journey called life. We, as a body of believers, want to give you the tools to walk joyfully as we journey together. LABC is a church who is
Equipping People for Life.

We want every member of LABC to first Know God personally. Worship is an example of how we as Christ's followers have a personal encounter with God each week. We also want each person to Grow in their relationship with God. We offer age group Bible studies to help you grow in your understanding of who God is. Finally, Christ wants us to Go into our world in His name, sharing His love. Our Missions ministry offers a wide range of opportunities for you to take action. There is also a multitude of ways to serve within LABC. Please know that this is a process; we view servanthood as an overflow of God’s love for us. First Know God, then Grow in God, and then Go in God.  

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Pastor: Dr. Eric Herrstrom
Year Est: 1977

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